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Your safety and ours is a priority. During these challenging times and the new normal we are all facing, Men's-Haus brings to you a service at the location you desire, while maintaining all recommended sanitary requirements for the prevention of COVID-19. 

All our staff have the following in equipment to ensure your safety and comply with all sanitary requirements for COVID-19 : 
Antibacterial gel – 70-90% alcohol.

Disinfectant in spray medical grade.
Disposable Shoe covers. 
Disposable capes. 
Facial Protective Mask & Shield.
Plastic bags for disposal.

Our protocols include: 
• New face mask with each client
• Explain the process, directions and allow the client to ask any questions about the service, maintaining a 1.5 m distance.
• Initiation of  the service, hands are cleaned with antibacterial gel and use of gloves, explain and show client all is sanitized prior to    service. 
• During service staff will use gloves, facial mask and face protector / eye-wear. 
• Post service all areas and equipment occupied during service should be sprayed and sterilized.
• Removal and disposable cape and all materials.
• Wash hands and use of antibacterial gel.
• Removal of all equipment from clients home.

  Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to clarify. 

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